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What will be the second coming of Christ and the last judgment, and what will happen next?

What will be the second coming of Christ has long been known, the Lord will sit in judgment over all people. The place of judgment identified and located in a huge ravine (gorge) in the Holy land between East Jerusalem and the Old city (Jerusalem). Caring Jews from around the World buried the dead tribesmen on the Eastern slope of the gorge, there are already tens of thousands of graves, hoping to be the first to get to judgment of the Lord and receive mercy for their sins, after the last judgment the wicked will go to the left to another gorge (ravine), where it will be Hell and will eternally be punished for their sins, boiled in hot tar and so on. But the righteous and forgiven of our sins God will go straight to the gate of the Ancient city of Jerusalem, the righteous will go to the right wing, and forgiveness in the left and then to Heaven. Where is Paradise, while mere mortals do not know. Here is my opinion about the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, to which I came after my multi-day trip through the Holy Land in Israel, Palestine and Jordan, based on what I saw myself and heard from my personal guide Christian.
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