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Why pasta is rapidly increasing weight?

Pasta is basically water and flour. In some types of pasta you can still find the eggs, and various additives (emulsifiers, colorants, flavorings). And flour, as is known, a simple carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed into the blood. Goes to the essential needs of the organism, but an excess is always present at the intake of simple carbohydrates, is deposited in reserve in our fat depots. In fact, pasta is different from the same rolls only because there is no sugar and therefore less calories. \r\n\r\sushestvujut pasta from durum wheat. They are caloric about the same as usual, but there is a complex carbohydrates. Therefore they are absorbed more slowly and an excess in blood glucose almost none. If you love pasta, the best course to choose them. These noodles are much more expensive. \r\n\r PS: some (many) manufacturers of pasta was a lie, putting on the package "from durum wheat."
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