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What`s interesting, in your opinion, has made the sex industry?

In my opinion, the sex industry, judging by messages of mass media and the Internet is developing by leaps and bounds. Soon the men who want women only for sex and housekeeping, living women do not need realistic sex dolls will replace them completely. Already our overseas and other Western and Japanese partners, something like that produced, but while these doll-robots are still far from perfect and cost a lot of money, almost like cars cars average price. But the work goes on, the fact that such sexual partners or when it is not sick "head" and they never denied, remained to teach them to do the full program, house economic works. By the way, there are dolls for women, but to teach them how to earn money on the side where it will be harder to do hozrabot home. Interestingly, this sex-doll, in appearance no different from a living woman, is already available, and you will do it, for example like a beautiful famous actress and so on. So, dear women, soon your heads will really get sick more often because of these sex rivals. But this is my opinion and answer to your interesting question.
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