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How to make garland not blinking?

In the old garlands were used miniature incandescent bulbs, not LEDs. In such garlands of blinking is performed by closing/opening the circuit. All the bulbs in it are connected in series. As the switch used a special lamp, in which instead of the filament is mounted a bimetallic strip. During the flow of electric current, the plate heats up and bends, breaking the circuit. These lamps are used in starters for ignition of fluorescent lamps of daylight.\r check this eliminate the flashing need to find this light and short circuiting it. To find it simply. It is necessary to the light to see the filament bulbs in the garland. The desired lamp has a different structure. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n usually located in the far end of the garland or closest to the plug.
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