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Lesha Svik (Nikitovich) - Dating in 2019? What personal life?

Alex hides his personal life, but it is known that for many years met a girl named Catherine, and then they broke up. His heart was free until December 2018 Anna Sedokova has not stated that they are Dating.\r\n\r\polnoe passport name men Alex Narkiewicz, he hails from the city of Ekaterinburg. Anna is older than him for eight years.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\plesa is a musician, he raps and he writes songs. His nickname Lesha Svik.\r\n\r\PA now Alex signed up for instagram Buzova and they are exchanging smiles.\r\n\r\podpischiki immediately decided that between them the novel, but Sedokova all long made it clear that this is her man.
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