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We program the subconscious mind or is it us?

I would say that the subconscious programmed not only we, but all our society. The largest reservoir of programs is laid in childhood, particularly authoritative for person people - parents, teachers, coaches, etc. Later, we unconsciously do certain things and that the "authors" of the subconscious. Listened to the lecture by Tatiana Chernigovskaya, so here it is said, all that we hear, see, touch all what is deposited in our subconscious, so it is important not to fill yourself with negativity. It is impossible from the jug with dirty water to pour into the glass of clean water. \r\n\r\kogda we become older and understand more or less how "grow legs", we can work with your subconscious and pereplanirovat it. Therefore, there is no single answer, someone who programs, but the more we have the subconscious mind, and then we obey it unconsciously.
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