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Berestov How to find a path summaries what?

In the story "How to find a path" is a story about children who went to see grandpa Forester and a bit lost.\r but the guys did not panic and began to ask a way different from the forest dwellers, the first in the way they caught the squirrel, but could not help as suggested to jump on the trees.\r\n\r\posleduyushim assistant was the hare and offered to search the house of a Forester, with the smells, but the guys were not such sensitive noses.\r\n\r\palse they met a snail, she suggested to hold, but as it became clear they would have to crawl very slowly.\r\n\r\n finally the children met bee and she and helped them by offering to go for her and for her sisters, and the guys quickly got to the Lodge and grandpa drink their tea with honey.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\Skazka teaches that everyone is trying to help, but not all turns out in the end, the children find what they need and for one acquainted with the different forest inhabitants.
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