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Which geographic features are named in honor of Vitus Bering?

Vitus Bering Jonassen or Ivan Ivanovich Bering, by birth a Dane.Lived in 17-18 century .Became an officer of the Russian fleet,the captain-commander, the illustrious Russian moreplavatele.\r\n\r\Pont led the first and the second Kamchatka expedition, passed through the Strait between Chukotka and Alaska, which later called his name, reached North America and discovered several Islands of the Aleutian ridge.These studies Vitus Bering, conducted on behalf of Peter.\r\n\r\pjams cook suggested the name of the Strait between Chukotka and North America in honor of Vitus Bering.\r\n\r\NIN honor of Vitus Bering named the Strait, the island is the largest of the commander Islands, the sea in the North Pacific -Bering sea and commander Islands.Because Bering was the captain-commander.
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