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What is neotrusteeship current? Threshold neubuschweg current?

The current passing through the body and not giving a break away from live parts called neotrusteeship currents of..\r\n\r\PC this include currents alternating currents 10-15 mA and higher frequency and direct currents 50-80 mA and above.\r\n\r\obyasnyaetsa action neubuschweg current as involuntary contractions of muscles under the influence of current..\r\n\r but here there is one subtlety: natusana is often the case for palm grip for conducting part, while flexing the muscle of the brush is stronger and occurs convulsive extending the coverage of live parts, sometimes it is very difficult to tear people from live parts..\r\n\r\drugie types of lesion less dangerous, more amazed he can pull the limb from the live parts are also relatively difficult to tear off..\r\n\r\imenno so for safety, suggest one hand to keep in my pocket: accidental touching of live parts with one hand less dangerous it is better to keep in the pocket of the left hand (the current passing through the heart can cause fibrillation), it should never touch the parts which are not earthed, but if I have to touch, then in any case can not touch neither the palm nor the back part of it (there is a biologically sensitive period), the Teal is better to touch the phalanges of the right hand..\r\n\r\razumeetsa all recommendations do not apply to high voltage: here for destruction do not have direct contact and often results in fatalities or very severe injuries, leading to disability..\r\n\r\napryajeniya that leads to the defeat of man (below 1000V) depends on condition of skin (presence of cuts, sweat, wet leather), Shoe soles and floor conductivity also depends on the psychological state of a person (warned person has a lower likelihood of injury, alcohol intoxication increases the degree of damage), except that people with different sensitivity, for example, there were cases of destruction of human 48 Volts and described a case of fatal shock 12 Volt!..\r\n\r\Prome determine the degree of damage depends on the schema of the lesion: right hand - legs - easier, left hand - legs - heavier hand - the hand is more heavy, also threat can be defeated if the current path passes through the nerve bundles of the brain, biologically active points..
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