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Why do they say Moscow is not rubber, and Peter`s not talking rubber?

As Moscow and the Moscow region champion migrants.And not only labour migrants,but also others who wish to settle and live in Moscow or near it.The biggest factor influencing who wish to settle in Moscow, and of course the financial component,the second place prestige.Everyone is saying that all the money in the capital,then the salary and career.From morning to evening on TV people see wealthy millionaires living there.People have in mind, the Association has developed,if you see a man from Moscow,so the money to burn,there are all rich.And just laugh if you say that there, too, with jobs hard to find high-paying,but still life is more expensive.So try to go but the Capital,and about Peter saying not only about him. About rubber city all say,any city milionnik can be called rubber.Possibly people are trying to move to a large city,not to mention the "labor" migrants.
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