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Engine life-money and sex.Do You agree with this statement?

This, of course, wrong. For example, consider our outstanding chemist D. I. Mendeleev. What do you think prompted him to create the world famous the periodic table? Can be money? No? Sex? You will not find it at least funny. And other scientists? Newton, Lagrange, Faraday, Pasteur, Maxwell? What about them? Or, Grigory Perelman, has solved the problem of the Millennium, and a million dollars refused. How so? Or, for example, the same Lenin, a feat the whole country to build socialism. Also for the money? No? Maybe sex? Nadezhda, to put it mildly, would have been surprised by this supply. All the greats were driven by a great idea, they wanted to change the world, or something to discover, something important. But back to your question. Can money and sex to be the driving force of life? Can. For slaves. Well, for people who great available. I really hope that you personally driven not only by things from your question. On the other hand, not everyone can fly in the sky, someone must be a Snake. Remember, the bitter? Someone wants a lifetime digging in the muck, becoming this manure at the end of his life. Not everyone wants to be great, or even decent. For such, probably money and sex for happiness will suffice.
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