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What rhymes can you find for the word cruise?

I was going on a cruise...\r\n\r\Pont was not in the plans, the Caprice,\r\n\r\PA maybe even a surprise \r\n\r\pved the lottery won a prize.\r\n\r\spontanno I chose Tunisia,\r\n\r\PPO stairs running down\r\n\r\n Respectables as the Marquis,\r\n\r\stolknulsya with the lady of the Actresses...\r\n\r\sosedka outraged please\r\n\r\nYou are right now, broke my service...\r\n\r\n then my sight before her hung,\r\n\r but suddenly I woke up Lis...\r\n\r\Peru revenge and as an encore\r\n\r\TL invite her to Tunisia,\r\n\r\bileti, visas,\r\n\r\pclob to compensate for the service.\r\n\r\NDO you right sir was fond of,\r\n\r but I agree - smile...\r\n\r\PNAs waiting for the sea, nice breeze,\r\n\r\n both of us were rushed!
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