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Task 1. The massif from 30 elements filled with the whole random numbers from range from-15 to +50 is given. To calculate the sum of all elements of the massif, to define quantity of elements of the massif multiple 3. To display the initial massif and result of calculation (quantity and the sum). Task 2. To order the massif from 20 integers on decrease. To display the initial and ordered massif. Task 3. Make the program which by last name, to a name and a middle name of the person displays a surname and initials of the person. for example, Pyotr Stepanovich Ivanov it has to turn out on the screen P.S. Ivanov.

1) var

a: array [1. 30] of integer;

i, s, k: integer;


for i: = 1 to 30 do//filling random numbers (from-15 to 50, including also-15 and 50) the massif

of a[i]: = random(-15, 50);

for i: = 1 to 30 do/sum of elements and calculation multiple 3


s: = s + a[i];//sum of elements

of if a[i] of mod 3 = 0 then//calculations a stake in multiple 3

k: = k + 1;

of end;

of writeln (Initial massif);

of for i: = 1 to 30 do

of writeln (A [i] =, a[i]);

of writeln (Sum of elements of the massif: s);

of writeln (Multiple 3: k);

of end.


would help further but put but here hints:

2) look at a method of a bubble

3) there through function of search and removal

if over I have a group in vk is called just applets if you can interestingly look

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