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Read the poem by A. Starikov and determine the age of the girl. STRANGE DEVOCHKAYEY there were one thousand hundred years. It went to the hundred first class. In a portfolio on hundred books carried. All this truth, but not nonsense. When, raising dust ten legs, She walked on the road, Behind it the puppy always ran - With one tail, but hundred-legged. It caught everyone zvuksvoy ten ears, Both ten suntanned rukportfel and the lead was held. and ten dark blue glazrassmatrivat the world habitually... But there will be everything absolutely usual When you understand our story. with an explanation ♪

All numerals in the poem are given in a binary numeral system: 1100(2) = 2^3+2^2 = 8+4 = 12(10) 101(2) = 2^2+2^0 = 5(10) 100(2) = 4(10) 10(2) = 2(10)
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