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Make the Pascal language program for the solution of the following task. Enter 3 numbers from the keyboard: And, In and Page. If And yes With are multiple 5, and In not multiple, then replace all numbers also with squares and display result. If only In multiply 5, then increase all numbers by 10 and display result. Otherwise, find and remove an arithmetic average of these numbers.

//PascalABC. NET 3. The 2nd assembly of 1318 Var a, b, c: integer; begin readln (a, b, c); if (a mod 5 = 0) and (with mod 5 = 0) and (b mod 5< & gt; 0) then writeln (sqr(a), sqr(b), sqr(c)) else if (mod 5< & gt; 0) and (with mod 5< & gt; 0) and (b mod 5 = 0) then writeln (a+10, b+10, c+10) else writeln ((a+b+c)/3); end. 15 5 34 18
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