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Pascal subject Stroki1) From the keyboard is entered a line. To count How to learn how many times in it meet a point.2) From the keyboard are entered a line. To remove from it all " superfluous " gaps, having left on one between words. For example, on a vkhodestrok "123567890 ", at the exit "123,567,890 "

Var S: string; k, i: integer; Begin k: = 0; WriteLn (Enter a line); ReadLn(S); For i: = 1 to Length(S) do if S[i] =. then k: = k+1; WriteLn (Quantity of points in line: k) End. Var S, S1: string; i: integer; Begin WriteLn (Enter a line); ReadLn(S); S1: =; For i: = 1 to Length (S)-1 do Begin if S[i] & lt; & gt; then S1: = S1+S[i]; if (S[i] =) and (S[i+1] & lt; & gt;) then S1: = S1+S[i]; End; S: =; if S1[1] = then For i: = 2 to Length (S1) do S: = S+S1 [i] else For i: = 1 to Length (S1) do S: = S+S1[i]; WriteLn(S); End.
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