Why Ukraine is increasingly reminiscent of Germany 30-ies? Your opinion?

In Ukraine, radical nationalists (but for me it is the most real Nazis) and take the example of the Nazis, they literally worship, and from this "torchlight March" with Nazi symbols and Nazi ridges on the obligatory photo, even of the APU, and prohibitions (were burning mass books) in literature and the media, and not only Russian, and everything that is objectionable to the Nazis, the beatings and killings of people with disagreeable opinions, and mass murder and genocide of the Donbass population on a national basis, and much more in modern Ukraine, which puts an equal sign between Nazi Germany and Ukraine.\r\n\r\PA effects?\r\n\r\pony will be same as was that of Germany in 1945, the complete destruction, only with a more serious outcome, such States as Ukraine will not, it will disappear from the world map.
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