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How to cancel order for Wildberries (WildBerries) online store?

To cancel an order for Reasons can independently (to a certain status), and with the help of this online store. \r\n\r\vrdp the first method to open the tab "My delivery"/"My orders"and select the appropriate "Delete delivery", but, of course, in those moments when the specified order statuses like "Open" or "Reserve". \r\n\r\pcakge no less easy method of cancellation is contact a website through your personal account, e-mail or call the hot line 8(800)775-55-05 with the directions of the numbers and the reasons for which will be performed the rejection of the goods. \r\n\r\pesli the goods already delivered and to purchase it is not possible/change of the decision, too, can not pick up. In all cases in connection with the refusal will be charged a certain percentage of the total number of foreclosures.
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