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How much is a plane ticket from Moscow to Sochi in 2019.?

Not the most expensive ticket to Sochi from Moscow now-2019 only costs 2,700 rubles in economy class. There are direct non-stop flights, this flight-9 April 2019 you travel at 08:25 from Moscow airport Vnukovo flight number DP-111 airline "Victory" after 2 hours and 15 minutes, you 10:40 9 April 2019 at the airport of Sochi. If you want to fly in the same day with the comfort of the ticket in business class airline "the North Star" will cost from 22.5 thousand rubles, but for Luggage it is not necessary to pay extra and carry-on baggage will take more. You can find online tickets and cheaper, if you do not limit time, for example you can fly tomorrow and through the week. But one thing is clear that to get to Sochi from Moscow is cheaper by plane than by train.
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