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How much is the plane ticket Moscow – Crimea (Simferopol) in 2019?

Tickets for planes flying from Moscow to Simferopol is the administrative center of the Republic of Crimea in the economic class are not expensive-from 3.5 thousand rubles for one place. Would have to fly a little further than it was before, the aircraft flies over the territory of Ukraine, but nevertheless, you will quickly get a direct flight, only 2 hours 45 minutes. Here is an example of such a flight-9 April 2019 you at 07:00 depart by flight N4-123 airline "North wind" and in two hours forty minutes the way you at 09:45 on 9 April 2019 at the airport of Simferopol. If you want to fly in the same day comfortably, the price for one ticket in business class will be from 23 000 rubles. You can find tickets cheaper if you are not timing you anyway when to fly today or tomorrow, or next week.
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