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What is the fastest flash drive of those that actually buy online?

Sandisk Extreme Pro is one of the fastest flash drives that can be purchased in 2019. If your operating system is correctly implemented to support USB 3.0 you can get consistent speeds of up to 400 megabytes per second. Random speed is also above all praise. An additional advantage of these flash drives - a SMART presence with the help of which you can find out how many gigabytes have already been recorded on a flash card and how many times it was incorrectly unplugged the USB. At this point the flash drive is available in two versions - 128 GB. and 256 GB.\r\n\r\vozmozhno that there is some flash that will be a little faster than the Sandisk Extreme Pro, but the Sandisk does not provide for its products a warranty of 30 years.
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