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How to print A1 format?

It is set in the print settings of the file or the program creating the file or using it in the dialog FILE - PRINT dialog box the driver rinter, which is invoked by the Settings button next to the print menu select the printer. I have an inkjet printer EPSON Stylosa СХ3900, and the driver second tab called Layout. It allows you to do different things. First, to increase or decrease the size of the printing area in size according to the size of the selected sheet of paper - in the smaller side when printing photos on photo paper 9 by 13 or 10 by 15, big when you print them as wall images, for example. On this tab there is a multipage dialog. It allows you to choose multiple pages and set to print labels for gluing one large page file and the aspect ratio is set when you select POSTER PRINTING, when specifying the number of sheets horizontally and vertically on one screen page, and on the right is the image of her split for preview and possible adjustments. This function should support the printer driver, and otherwise, the poster will have in the layout program split page A4 in other ways.
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