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That there is a higher justice?

If you are a believer, then the higher justice is the answer to God. There will be all rewarded for their deeds in this world for justice.\r\n\r\pesli to talk about life, the less justice than injustice. Noticeable.\r\n\r\PA sometimes you can come to the conclusion that justice does not exist.\r\n\r\palmy simple example - there are rich and poor. What is here to find justice, when the property, worth billions , one man, when as if it were split, then a thousand families who have no housing, could have a roof over your head.\r\n\r\drinking steak in an expensive restaurant, someone gives money the other earns during the month.\r\n\r\ptrade of such comparisons is to find justice. And examples are many. Another example, made a person evil, but punishment followed. Believers say that someday I will answer. Only ever - very few people interested, especially if the man did not see that God hates sinners.\r\n\r\Piz such comparisons and conclusions about justice, about how it is present in life. And most importantly, there is no hope that justice will someday prevail. Therefore, it is better not to hope, and to accept the world for what it is.
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