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Is it worth to buy GTX Ti 1660?

It all depends on your wallet. The card is not cheap. Costs about 23, 000. To say that she just "flies" is impossible, though, on assurances of developers, is superior to other cards of the same price segment. Well,will work a bit faster and all. Often in games it is not noticeable. For other programs is not necessary. And so the stock is large. Of course for video engineers need a powerful graphics card, but there computers had other more Often "Apple" and resources are very different. And the price of such equipment is much higher. So what about working with huge amounts of video files we are not talking, and for the rest of the missing and what is.\r\n\r\poetomu if you already have a graphics card, then work with it. But if you now collect a new computer and want to make it to maximum performance, with minimum prices, then this map you are completely satisfied.\r\n\r\n then after all this for three or four years. Then N-video again you will take by the throat and will require you to buy another new video card with more advanced architecture and capabilities, which on the screen you almost never see.\r\n\r\PU I is already a year and a half NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. Shustrenko card overclocked in half. dispersed, and saw that little help, but the risk of burn is increased and returned to the source. For my century will suffice. Toys and so fly on any resolution.
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