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How to bury a Gypsy? Where do Gypsies graveyard if you constantly roam?

There are the Orthodox Roma, there are Catholics and Muslims (Luli). Now they almost do not migrate, preferring to live in one place and only go "on earnings".\r\n\r\thoronet in local cemeteries. We live Orthodox Gypsies go to Church to sanctify the Easter cakes, apples, honey and nuts, there are baptized children. And buried in the local cemetery, however, according to their customs - Gypsies from wealthy families put off jewelry, phones, expensive clothes. And the monuments they have pompous, polished marble, portraits in full length, concreted area around wrought-iron fences.\r\n\r\polinaut the deceased is also at the cemetery, covering the tables with a sea of booze and lots of junk food. The same of Catholics.\r\n\r\pcak do the Roma-Muslims do not know.
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