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Its funny to watch and on what channel goes? What days is?

TV show "jeopardy" for a quarter century is not coming from the Russian of the screen (there were some pereryvchik, but until the program is closed so it never came): the first program was held in 1994 on 7 April, the predecessor of the modern "Russia-1" channel RTR. Since then, the transmission "jumped" from channel to channel (except the RTR it came out to NTV and TV-6), has not yet appeared again on NTV - here it goes continuously since 2001.\r\n\r\NIN the present time "jeopardy" appears on the TV screens at the weekend (but more often on Sundays, although there are editions and Saturday) at 3pm. In 2019 the program of the anniversary - 25 years (but the season is already considered to be the 26th...). And at the moment this year has already released 8 releases. Permanent anchor - Peter B. Kuleshov.
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