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Songs 2. Trush - Well, why are you gay? What test songs? Where to download the track?

One of the most memorable rooms of the second issue, the second season became a couple, closing this issue.\r\n\r\gruppa "Trush".\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\NIN the composition of the group spouses. She Trushky and thanks.\r\n\r\pueto turned in January two years. The joint statement she began at the end of January 2017.\r\n\r\Petrus is not the first name. At first the group was called the TESTA.\r\n\r\NIN November of last year the Duo released two tracks. There are clips on their songs.\r\n\r\non the show "Songs of" Dora the accompaniment of Andrew sang her own song "why are you gay?". She is the author of the words, he wrote the music.\r\n\r\pesna liked both producers bring a smile on their faces, and the Duo without another word went to the next round.\r\n\r\proslushat speech and song download on YouTube. Here, or on this website.\r\n\r\ptext songs.
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