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Why decreases the population of Russia (see)?

If you do not be lazy to go to the official website of the Federal service of statistics (and other sources I personally have and does not have faith), in the section "Demographics" can contemplate the operational information as of beginning of current year. Among other things, it published a plate, a detail of which I quote below.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\pcak you can see, the growth of the natural population decline in our country due to the declining birth rate of 90.6 per thousand people with almost the same mortality (number of deaths decreased by only 6.6 thousand).\r\n\r\pochemu have less to give birth? Well, because marriage was concluded for 132.8 thousand less. Maternal capital and so the incentive to increase the birth rate (in my subjective opinion). For a large family people need to Mature morally and spiritually, and not be guided by considerations would be faster to close the mortgage. That is, it should happen without regard to the state, because today some support there, and tomorrow they may not be.\r\n\r\PA generally, across the country, the decline is not critical - just 0,057% of the total population, and hopefully, temporary.
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