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How dangerous is application to search a person by photo? Why?

They are from the point of view of "chopping sticks," "law enforcement" threat.\r\n\r\pralina story. Western Siberia. There is a man in your city. On the area of the rally. People passing by on the street, on the perimeter of the square, but then he receives an sms. He stops to read it. Then his rubbings of the valiant guards. Find the pictures in kontaktike search program, called. "What are you, my dear friend, on unauthorized rallies? The camera recorded that you were standing there more than five seconds - she was involved". Planted. His portfolio recorded successfully solved the case of extremism.\r\n\r\pcac sung Egor Letov,\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\Ptak these police programs on the search for the photo - they could be wrong. Look at what some hipsters. Or the trendy girls. They all look the same. And the program is stupid. She is not only practically twins can not be distinguished. It will appear that your picture on some parameters like the face of a real person involved, and this coincidence is already kind of proof that you captured it. And Hello.
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