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I don't know what to draw. I need to draw a picture that represents colonization/starvation, particularly in U.S. I know what colonization means. I...


A straightforward picture might not be as effective as a picture that has a series of images converging upon the reader simultaneously.  Think of it as a collage or collection of drawings to reflect the multiple levels on which colonization impacted the United States.  Obviously, the trade and prosperity brought out by colonization is of critical importance.  While this will be in your picture, you might want to talk about the enslavement of others that also happened as a result of colonization.  One of the results of colonization was the development and growth of the slave trade.  This helped to make some people very wealthy and well off, and led to horrific conditions and human suffering in the case of others'.  Certainly, you can depict the joys of some at being wealthy and the pain of others' upon whose backs that joy was enjoyed.  I believe that showing a leadership structure that allowed this to exist and flourish can be represented for the political leadership of the time benefited from not taking a stand against this exploitation.  Perhaps, the leadership could not speak out against this because of the wealth being generated, or perhaps the individuals in the position of power were actually benefiting from this.  In rendering a picture of this, think of Picasso's "Guernica," a work that depicts the horrors of the Spanish Civil War.  There is not one picture present in Picasso's work, but rather multiple images that layer one another, converge upon and within one another, creating a feeling of understanding in the viewer on many levels.  This might be where your picture should be heading, for like Picasso's "Guernica," you are looking to explore a moment in history that is wrought with complexity and intricacy.

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