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to kill a mockingbird

I dont understand in depth exactly how Tom Robinson dies. it seems as if no one really knows in chapter 25, and that they are assuming things.  


In chapter 24, Atticus comes home and gets Calpurnia.  He needs her to go with him out to see Helen, Tom's wife to give her the horrible news.  It is in this chapter that Atticus says how Tom died. 

"They shot him.  He was running.  It was during their exercise period.  They said he just broke into a blind raving charge at the fence and started climbing over.

The guards called to him to stop.  They fired a few shots in the air, then to kill.  They got him just as he was going over the fence.  Seventeen bullet holes in him."

In the following chapter (25) the town gossips about it, but they all blame Tom.  They say it's typical of a black man to run, etc.  Then the town pretty much forgets about him.  They move on to the next juicy gossip.

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