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Is Dreamland by Sarah Dessen a good book?


Whether Dreamland by Sarah Dessen is a "good" book all depends on your definition of good. If by "good" you mean something enjoyable, that you will love to read again and again and can gently show you the results of various paths in life so you can pick the most productive and successful one, then, no, Dreamland is not a good book.

If, on the other hand, by "good" you mean a book full of self-doubt, foolish decisions, stubborn independence that refuses to seek advice from older and wiser heads, brutality of repeatedly vicious physical violence of an American "bad boy" boyfriend against the jaw and head of his emotional slave whom he calls a girlfriend, then, yes, it is a good book.

[A caveat is required to state that this "good" book is not suitable for the sensitive, the abused or the young.]

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