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Duncan names his son Malcolm the Prince of Cumberland.  What do the following lines (48-51) show us about Macbeth's feelings on this matter? "The...


In the play 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare, we see Macbeth begin to hide his feelings from his friend and battle colleague for the first time. Just after the witches tell him he will be king, he disguises his interest in this prophecy fromĀ  his companion. Now, he is going one step further and this is part of the slippery slope towards deceit, lies and murder. It is said that once a person begins down this road, or begins to lie, then they may feel that they have to lie more and more, with bigger and lies and atrocities to cover up the first misdeed. These words show Macbeth's two-faced-ness, and we are let in on the act. He shows one face to friends and visitors, while underneath a boiling sea of self-interst,ambition and madness lies. The interesting thing is that 'let not light see my black and deep desires' shows that Macbeth himself is aware of his own 'fall' - and that would be worrying even for a criminal psychologist today.

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