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european history

During the British colonial rule of India, how did most British people view Indian culture? How do you think this attitude influenced how British...


While I certainly do not wish to paint the British with one brush, I do believe that the vast majority did view India and its people as in need of "civilization."  The British came to India and determined that their role was to "enlighten" the dark country (literally and figuratively.)  As Forster says, they came to be "little Gods" in India.  Their desire to replace as many indigenous customs and practices with British ones would testify to this.  Many British came to India and were unaware or unwilling to understand the customs and traditions which existed long before Britain had been in existence.  They could not understand much of the religious devotion in a form of worship that had been around for thousands upon thousands of years.  Instead, the British sought to remake India as Britain with more heat and sun.  For a great deal of time, it worked, until the Independence movement struck a chord with many Indians.

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