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sinners hands an angry god

During Edwards' "Sinners" sermon, some records state that listeners cried out and fainted. What parts of the sermon would evoke such responses?


Edwards vividly illustrates the title of his sermon by describing man's dire state of being dangled over a fiery pit.  However, it is not simply this image of man's precarious position that would instill such fear in listeners, it is more likely the furious God whom Edwards describes throughout the sermon. He mentions consistently that God is "provoked," that He holds man over the fire much as one "holds some loathsome insect," and that God possesses "floods of vengeance" toward mankind.

Additionally, this angry God--according to Edwards--is the only hope man has, but man's wickedness repels God and encourages Satan's hopes of catching humans in his fiery trap. While Edwards does present a solution at the end of the sermon, the majority of his message focuses on man's awful state and God's awe-inspiring wrath.

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