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During the film, how did the audience react? How did Winston react?


In chapter 1, Winston writes in his secret journal about going to the movies, where he watched several war films. In one of the more memorable war films, Winston recalls a violent scene that depicts a helicopter gunman shooting at a boat of refugees somewhere in the Mediterranean. Whenever the helicopter gunman brutally kills an unarmed man swimming like a porpoise in the water, the audience erupts into laughter and begins to shout. Winston also writes that the audience applauded a scene when a 20 kg bomb was dropped on a boat holding several defenseless refugees. Winston also recalls the image of a child's severed arm flying through the air, which draws additional applause from the audience, while a prole woman is removed from the crowd for protesting that the scene is too violent and unfit for children. While Winston elaborates on the audience's reaction, he does not describe his own thoughts or feelings regarding the violent films. Winston's casual explanation of the scenes, and the fact that he is not disgusted by the movie, reveals that he is also a callous, insensitive individual. However, Winston does not celebrate the violence like the other Party members, because he does not applaud or cheer.

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