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During a solar eclipse,the moon(of mass 7.36x10^22kg), Earth(of mass 5.98x10^24kg), and Sun(of mass 1.99x10^24) lie on the same line, with the moon...


The force exerted by the moon on the Earth is

2.98 x 10^31 joules.

The gravitational force exerted by the Earth on the Sun is

3.58 x 10^23 joules

These figures are derived by using the following equation for gravitational force:

Fg = (Gm1m2)/r^2

where G is the universal gravitational constant, m1 and m2 are the masses of the objects, and r is the distance that separates their centers.

I should note that I am not using the number you provided for the mass of the Sun because you seem to have mistakenly stated the wrong power for it.  It is raised to the 30th power, not to the 24th.  My calculation is based on that number and I provide a link below to a page showing that as the correct mass of the Sun.

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