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animal farm

Early in Animal Farm, what consideration do the animals (representing the exploited masses) show for one another?


In the early flush of joy at the success of their Rebellion, the animals willing work hard and care for each other. We learn that they are happy in a way they had never conceived possible. They have more to eat, and they work together to overcome difficulties. Everyone pitches in and labors according to his capacity. We learn, for example, that the hens and ducks carefully gather up five bushels of stray grains to help out the farm as a whole. Nobody complains anymore about the work and almost nobody tries to avoid working. We discover that:

the quarrelling and biting and jealousy which had been normal features of life in the old days had almost disappeared.

This is an idyllic time on the farm because the animals are so glad to be rid of Farmer Jones and to be working for themselves. However, even in these giddy early days, not everybody is happy: Molly misses the old times of sugar lumps and ribbons, while Napoleon is already working to commandeer the milk for the pigs's exclusive use.

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