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Are ecotones a transition zone between different plant groups only or do they include animal distributions as well?


The term ecotone is associated with world biomes, so it is necessary to remember that a biome is a set of climatic conditions (notably precipitation and temperature) as well as index species found there. Since it is very rarely possible to transit from one biome directly into another, the area where the conditions change (or become less definable as one or the other), are defined as ecotones. It is necessary to include the conditions as well as flora and fauna, understanding that those living agents will probably be adventurous inhabitants of the neighboring biomes and may include some species unique to the ecotone ... like in the case of the Alpine in mountain areas. Mobile animals thrive here because they can exploit several habitats at once. Mountain ranges often create a gradually blended interface area due to the wide variety of climatic conditions experienced on their slopes, where species from each community will be found together as well as unique local species.

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