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black cat

Edgar Allan Poe's influences on The Black Cat and critics of The Black Cat. Tell me specific explanation


Edgar Allen Poe uses a very ironic tone for his narrator in his short story 'The Black Cat.' The narrator begins in a strangely offhand tone, which, given the horror of the rest of the story is very weird - he describes the story as 'merely a series of merely household events.' He even looks forward to the future when his morbid events will be discussed. This 'disocciated voice' may tell perceptive readers that all is not psychologically well with the narrator - or indeed Edgar Allen Poe himself. He says that he is the victim in this scenario and has suffered dreadfully, yet offers no responsibilty or sense of guilt himself. A horrific scenario then unfolds and the narrator's view of it seems to be distorted although he has had direct influence over the action. He wonders whether humans have a natural drive to violate the law. The cat's decaying body behind the wall illustrates the decay of a mind that could think such thoughts might be acceptable.

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