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buried onions

Describe the experiences that Eddie has that are related to his enviornment and those that are common to youth. Eddie's experiences are greatly...


Eddie, the protagonist of Buried Onions, has to overcome some barrio related obstacles like pressure to turns to revenge and murder; a truck stolen from in front of his house; barrio wars; and the surrounding farm fields where his ancestors scraped to make a living. However there are aspects of Eddie's experience that are more common to any youth (or even young adult). Eddie has to make a choice to shun drugs and violence. He has to decide to walk the straight and narrow path and not run into trouble with the law. He has to work manual labor jobs in order to get ahead so he can try to develop a new future. He has to succeed in his studies in order to make a living for himself in the world, a need that dates back to our earliest histories--youths must succeed in being educated to make a living at something. He has the option of joining the military to get a step forward. Ironically, the farm fields in which his ancestors toiled is where he finds his onion to cry from.

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