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reforming education

Education within the United States needs major reform.  What aspects require the most attention (curriculum, pedagogy, legislature, etc.)?


Current research shows that one of the biggest challenges refers of course to budgeting and whether the No Child Left Behind bill offers the sufficient strategies for monitoring student success.

With budgeting, what has been found is that we have a new generation of learners (Millennials) who are right now way ahead of their teachers because they have more access to technology and information at home in their own laptops than they do at school!  Imagine a public school with one shared computer per every three students and a teacher that may or may not know how to operate it. Budget would be needed to equip the school and train the teachers in 21st century teaching strategies, but we find that sometimes it cannot occur. Hence, some schools are behind and playing catch up with their students, who can probably teach them how to do things.

With NCLB, it is common knowledge that the bill clearly wants to show progress through standardized testing in a generic and collective way with little or no attention to quality. If your school does not "do well", you are doomed. So, legislature should start thinking a way to re-visit this bill and try another method of measuring progress so that the skills of the students, particularly those who will help them for the rest of their lives, are the primary concern of the teachers and not a silly goose question posted on a computer-generated test.

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