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What was the impact of the depression on the Bonus Army?


The simple answer is that the depression caused the government to retract their original promise of giving bonuses to soldiers who fought for their country in World War I.  It didn't look good that the Hoover government was perceived to be selling out on assurances made to veterans.  Moments like these never turn out well for ruling governments.  This one was no exception.  The "Bonus Army," a group of soldiers angry about not receiving their bonuses, marched on Washington and protested in the nation's capital.  After the Attorney General demanded that they disperse, the Washington police fired on the protesters, probably out of fear, and the publicity machine spun out of control, making it look as if Hoover's government either shot at veterans or stood around watching veterans get mowed down.  Either way, it spelled really bad things for President Hoover and his credibility.

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