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night wiesel

At the end of Chapter 4 of Night by Elie Wiesel, what does Elie mean when he says "...the soup tasted better than ever..." after the first...


At this point in Wiesel's work, Eliezer begins to adopt the mentality that survival is the driving force.  This is seen in the relishing of the soup.  In this section, there was a man who tried to obtain a cup of soup and then shot in the process.  To see someone die because of the mere want of food begins to cast a new reality upon Eliezer.  This consists of the idea that survival in such situations is based on coincidence and luck.  The soup might have tasted so powerful to Eliezer because it is a testament to this luck and coincidence of survival.  There was little which differentiated Eliezer's hunger and the man who was shot, also hungry.  When Eliezer is able to consume the soup, he understands that his survival is dependent on coincidence and luck, something that validates his hope for surviving through the Holocaust.

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