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lord of the flies

At the end of chapter 11, we are told of Roger moving toward Sam'n'Eric as one "wielding a nameless authority". What is this and why is it nameless?


In a last, desperate attempt to restore peace and good government to the island society, the erstwhile chief, Ralph, visits Jack's camp to demand the essential firestarter, Piggy's glasses. But Jack refuses, the two fight, and Piggy, screaming to be heard above the melee, dies when Roger, the cruelest of the boys, knocks him off the mountainside by dislodging a massive boulder. As Ralph escapes, Roger "advance[s] upon" Sam and Eric, Ralph's last allies, to punish them for not conforming to the new society's rules. Roger "wields a nameless authority" born of the will to power, and nameless because it is purely antihuman, arbitrary and terrifying.   

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