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At the end of of this section, Beowulf tells a story to King Hygelac Why does he tell it, and what does it show us? (about Beowulf specifically)  ...


I am not sure what section you are referring to -- can you be more specific? You can read an online version of Beowulf at the link below, and there is great information about his character right here on eNotes. Essentially, Beowulf, warrior of the Geats, is a physically strong, brave and religious leader. He is also loyal and proud of his bloodline. This comes out in his many speeches and stories, throughout the epic.

He goes to help his kinsmen fight against the monster, Grendel:

Beowulf, leader of the host
unlatched his word-hoard:
"As to kin, we are of the Geat nation,
Hygelac's hearth-companions. 

If you give specific information about which story you are referring to, perhaps someone could help you more - what section of the epic?


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