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most dangerous game

At the end of the story, does Rainford hunt the general, kill the general, or escape from the general? I don't understand the story.... thanks In...


In the denouement of "The Most Dangerous Game," the reader must infer what Rainsford has done.  To do this, the reader recalls previous scenes and dialogue which indicate character development in Rainsford.  At one point, for example, Rainsford changes from his original attitude of repulsion of General Zaroff's "game"--"what you speak of is murder"--after he himself knows what it is to be an animal at bay as Zaroff's hounds pursue him. For, at this point Rainsford has been reduced to the prey whose only thought is how to simply survive.  The line "Rainsford knew now how an animal at bay feels" foreshadows his change in attitude which will affect his later actions.

So, when as Zaroff narrows in on him and Rainsford escapes into the sea, he returns with the one intention of ending this dangerous game.  Apprehending his intentions, the general "

sucked in his breath and smiled. 'I congratulate you,' he said. 'You have won the game.'

Rainsford replies,

I am still a beast at bay...Get ready, General Zaroff.

The general bows, saying "I see," indicating his comprehension of Rainsford's deadly intentions: 

Splendid!  One of us is to furnish a repast [meal] for the hounds."

The final line:  "He [Rainsford] had never slept in a better bed," indicates that Zaroff is dead and a "repast for the hounds."

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