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enders game

Is Ender a cheater and does he ignore and flaunt the established rules in Ender's Game?  Why or why not. When is it okay to cheat?


Ender was not a cheater.  He was a young boy who looked at all aspects of a situation or problem.  He analyzed all the problems he encountered and solved them.  A good example of this is the first time Ender was thrown into the battle room.  He quickly realized that if he pointed his feet toward the enemy and pushed toward them he could do more harm to them than they could to him.  At one point he even freezes his own lower body so that he can protect his arms and hands.  As long as he could fire he could hurt  the enemy.  No one had thought like this before and some of the other armies complained that Ender was cheating.  However, soon all the armies were trying to copy Ender's methods.

It is never okay to cheat.  Just because one might come up with a new solution to a problem or solve a problem differently than it had ever been solved before does not make one a "cheater."  Look at all perspectives, control your environment, use deductive reasoning and think outside the box. 

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