Hi. Help me please. Our team found itself in a difficult situation due to the epidemic. Your help will be our salvation. Thank you very much.
most dangerous game

In English class we are talking about level questions and I don't understand the level 2 questions. What are some examples?


Your question is precise about the information for which you are looking, so I can only guess, but this might be the information you are looking for.

QAR Questions

Level One-Questions will have the answers right their in the text.

Level Two-Questions will have answers that you have to think about and search for. This means that the information might be there, but you will have to figure out what to use and how to use it in order to answer the questions.

Level Three-Questions are all your own. This means your opinion supported with facts and details from the reading or your own experience.

Hope it helps. If not you might post some more specific information.

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