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massachusetts bay colony

English colonial efforts in Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania Respond In what ways were these three colonies similar, different.characterize...


Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were charter colonies established by religious minorities looking for freedom from persecution.  People there made their living from subsistence farming and trading, along with fishing.  Virginia was a royal colony with the purpose of making a profit, and so approached cash crops and later slavery as simply a way to make money for the investors that had backed them.

Whereas there was slavery in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, it was on a small scale and not so much for cash crop agricultural purposes as in Virginia.  Slave owning families were more likely to have only one or two slaves, and to use them for domestic purposes instead of on the farm.

Only Pennsylvanian settlers paid the natives for their land.  In each of the other two colonies, natives died off in droves from disease, and were often fought, killed and driven off by the settlers in Virginia and Massachusetts.

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